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Our calculator recommends the best screen paint.




  • Extremly high contrast, intense colours and maximised sharpness
  • No hot spots
  • Saves time - 1 coating is enough in most cases (on bright and just lightly water-absorbing ground)
  • Compatible with many surfaces even without a primer. If a primer is needed (absoptive surfaces, wood, metal), please use the adviced usual kind of primer mentioned in the instruction that comes with the product or just contact us.
  • Available in grey shades. In darkened rooms or if a bright projector is used for a small screen, the black/white-balance can improve the contrast using a grey screen. In this case, all colors get impressively more brilliant.
  • Suitable for 3D. (with shutter glasses)
  • Suitable for HD, UHDTV / 4K & Co. since the final surface supports a finer structure than the pixels generated by the projector.
  • Great customer's opinion for our screen paint at ebay. Click to see.



Depending on the ambient light, the picture size and the brightness of your projector, a white or a grey screen can achieve the best white/black balance, an additional improved contrast and even more brilliant colours. Our calculator provides a customized recommendation:



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Screen from Airbus A320 Flight Simulator

- Schools & public offices

- Exhibitions / fairs

- Sportsbars, cinemas & home cinemas

- Flight simulators (heli / jet / plane - commercial & private)

- Some of Germanys biggest (DAX) companys and several other companys worlwide

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